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Lauren Pratt is an Americana Folk Singer-songwriter based in Boston, Massachusetts who hails from sunny Fort Myers, Florida. When a guitar arrived at her door unexpectedly, a young Lauren immediately set her amateur poems to music and thus began her lifelong affair with songwriting. In college, she stumbled into classical voice and fell in love with the Romantics and the depth of art form that goes into writing and singing a story. She graduated from Belhaven University with a degree in Classical Voice which means she can sing loudly and well for her supper (if need be). From there, she packed up her boots and guitar and headed north from Mississippi for a 5-year stop-over in Nashville, Tennessee where she honed her songwriting amongst some of the best in the up-and-coming Americana community. Her debut album Days Like Tonight was released independently under the moniker Miss Lauren Pratt in August 2015 at the popular East Nashville venue, The Basement East. Her sophomore album, "Live at Monster Studios", was recorded in Nashville and released in 2016.

Lauren is currently studying the effects of the Expressive Arts in Therapy and is working on her next album to be released in 2019.

Praise for Live performances

Playing quietly in front of a painting in a darkened room is perfect for [Pratt]. Her voice is stunning and powerful in her quiet use of it. … - If It’s Too Loud

Praise for Days Like Tonight

An astute storyteller, Pratt’s debut album, Days Like Tonight, is steeped in Southern comforts (“Days Like Tonight”, "Delta Family”, and “Josephine”), myth (“Sword in the Stone”) and memory (“One By One”). Influenced by the likes of James Taylor, Jennifer Knapp, and Alison Krauss, Pratt forges her own distinct path, demonstrating her dynamic vocal range on “Tattoo Lady” and emotive power on buzzing closer “Difficult Year.” Equally at ease with a warbling coo as she is with stern condescension, Days Like Tonight announces Pratt as a voice that can capture any mood and a writer of close-knit tales. - Bucket Full of Nails

Awards and acknowledgements

  • 2018 No Depression Singer-Songwriter Award (Winner)

  • 2017 Planet Bluegrass Telluride Troubadour Finalist (3rd place)

  • 2017 Planet Bluegrass Rocky Mountain Folks Fest (Honorable Mention)

  • 2016 Planet Bluegrass Telluride Troubadour (Honorable Mention)

  • 2015 LARABAR Renola-Remix Finalist (2nd place)

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